4 things to expect while you are on a Malacca Day Tour

Going to vacation in Malaysia is one of the most fun experiences that you can try. And if you are going to go to Kuala Lumpur, you had better try out a Malacca day tour from Kuala Lumpur. This day tour is one of the best kinds that you can take on a vacation; it is perfect for tourists to try out. It can be a relaxing for even locals to try. The Malacca day tour is one of the best experiences you can try out in Malaysia. If you want to have fun in Malaysia, you can do so if you go on a Malacca day tour from Kuala Lumpur. Malacca is one of the oldest cities in Malaysia. And it is also incidentally a historically port city so that you will see a blend of cultures and styles within the city. Its architecture, food, people and culture will all be unique. And those reasons alone are compelling enough for your to go on a Malacca day tour from Kuala Lumpur. If you are going on such a tour, here are the things you can expect out of it.

1. Full day tour

A tour of Malacca City, from Kuala Lumpur, will take the whole day. So be prepared to spend the whole day at Malacca City. This whole day will be extremely informative and enjoyable, as you will spend it touring Malacca City. If you are going on such a tour, you will be able to get a real taste of what Malaysia and Malacca city are really like.download (23)

2. Free pick-up and drop-off

You do not even need to provide your transport to Malacca City. The tour will provide a bus to pick you up and drop you off at Kuala Lumpur. So there is going to be very little hassle on your part if you want to go on a day tour of Malacca City from Kuala Lumpur. The tour will handle your transportation.

download (22)3. A guided tour

You will not be aimlessly wandering around the city; a tour guide will accompany your group if you go on a day tour of Malacca City. If you would like to know more about the city and its history, a guided tour can help you learn all there is to know about Malacca City’s rich history and culture.

4. Free lunch!

You will also be provided with a free lunch as part of the tour package! That is a lot of value for your money. You will be able to learn all about the city and get a free lunch, all at the same time. These are the 4 things you can expect out of a day tour in Malacca. These 4 things alone will greatly help you appreciate your tour in Malacca. This is a great way to spend a day of your vacation if you truly want to immerse yourself in a vibrant and rich city. You could easily spend your day enjoying the city of Malacca if you are staying in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

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Big Thumb Car Rental – Getting Around Penang & Langkawi

Introducing Big Thumb Rent-A-Car

Big Thumb Rent-A-Car Ventures began with one goal in mind and that was to become the best car rental company in Langkawi Island and Penang in Malaysia With offices located in both Plaza Ivory in Penang and Langkawi Mall in Langkawi, they believe they have almost fulfilled that goal.

They built their company on the principles of giving our clients the best in service and customer service. Through the years they have built a reputation of being the best airport pick-up and drop-off service and are now a staple at all Malaysian airports.

This relationship has allowed them to offer perks that few other car rental agencies can provide. Their commitment to this level of service has extended to offering their clients the newest and best car rentals in the area.

They have had countless positive reviews left by their past clients. This surge of satisfied clientele has made them strive to better themselves and their company. When you are ready to visit some of the top destinations in Penang or Langkawi, you can feel secure that you are getting the best car rental service.

Why A Car Rental Service Is Needed In Penang?

Let’s be honest for a moment and address that public transportation is not the best in Penang. The bus service that is available is not as reliable as you might find in much larger cities. And while there is taxi service, it is rather expensive if you plan on visiting multiple destinations each day.

This is one of the reasons it is not practical to rely on public transit as a means to get around Penang. They offer both budget-friendly and luxury cars to appeal to a wide range of clients while they are enjoying Malaysia.

Why A Rental Car In Langkawi Is Important

There are many destinations in Langkawi that can take days to explore and visit. Having a rental car ensures that you are able to see each destination on your own time and schedule.

When you look at our rates compared to that of a taxi, you will see ours are much more favorable to explore multiple destinations. Try seeing all that Langkawi has to offer by way of taxi is going to get real expensive real quick.

Another thing to consider while in Langkawi is the sheer amount of tourists. The more people you have trying to get to the same destination the longer the lines and waits for taxis.

One of the problems many tourists have is getting lost on our beautiful island, they have a guide service that will ensure you are always right on track. If you fear your belongings might get lost or stolen, they have a wide range of trucks that can act as a portable storage unit for all your belongings.

The Offer

Big Thumb Rent A Car Ventures only offer the best cars on the island, nothing they have is going to be older than five years. This includes the latest mini-cars, luxury cars, sedans, and mini-vans. Your car will always be in top performance due to the regular maintenance checks done by their competent mechanics. All of their vehicles are maintained and cleaned prior top their clients ever stepping into one.

For clients that book a car in advance, they offer a large selection of pick-up and drop-off points in the area. There are several areas in Langkawi and Penang that can be chosen as well as the major airports, this is to ensure you get to where you need quickly.

If you have an internet connection, you can easily book your car online. All you will need is your arrival and departure dates, along with some basic information and payment. That is all you need to get a car rental from Big Thumb.

Why You Should Choose Big Thumb Car Rental?

They have been in business for five years and have never looked back. During that time they made the decision to offer their clients the best in value and service. They offer you a fully trained staff along with the best cars in the industry.

They offer many of the same services that you find in the majority of the same internally known car rental agencies. However, many of their clients feel as though they are getting the same level of service at a better rate.

A great number of clients choose them over their competitors because we are able to offer such affordable rates. In addition, they have many promotions during the year, which can bring your overall cost down. If you plan on staying in Malaysia for more than a week or month you can qualify for even lower rates.

All you are going to need for verification is a driver’s license and a social pass. This is simply to ensure that you are able to drive on the island and is needed from any car rental agency.