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Community Learning is a blog that focuses on the side of travelling that sometimes, is underappreciated, and even looked past by travelers, the community where we travel to. These are the people that made us feel at home and welcomed us with an open arm when we first arrived.

As travelers, we have encountered a few different groups of people that did not only welcome us, but gave us a lesson or two that we would cherish for the longest time. We post our latest trips everywhere, and beside the posts about the food, activities and even the aesthetical description of the place, we also give our readers the opportunity to get to know the people around there that we had the pleasure of knowing. Of course, not everyone is nice and welcoming, so we also give tips on how to deal with the grumpy people that might ruin the travel for you.

Let’s get to know more people together. Follow us for the latest tips and experiences.

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